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A friend of mine sent this to me last night! Sounds pretty neat to me!

I rec'd this in an email last night. Once again proving that Lancaster is the nexus of all things good on the east coast, if not the world.

I of course am *totally* attending this and will probably run a miniatures event.

For release 11 May 2007:

Four Guys From Sol are pleased to announce we will be holding the first gaming convention dedicated to all aspects of Marc Miller's TRAVELLER in the USA.

On October 20th & 21st, 2007 at the Hotel Brunswick in Lancaster, PA, devoted fans of the popular and enduring Marc Miller game TRAVELLER will be able to meet, play and discuss the object of their passion.

From the Rule of Man to The New Era, from boardgame to miniature game to rpg, it will be happening in Lancaster PA, SOLOMANI RIM in October

For more information, visit the website:

http://www.drkmagic tower.com/ Travellercon/

TRAVELLERcon_ USA: by Traveller Fans, for Traveller Fans.

The Traveller game in all forms is owned by Far Future Enterprises.
Copyright 1977 - 2007 Far Future Enterprises.
Damn! I saw Lancaster and got my hopes up...

Mind you, our Lancaster is nowhere near the East Coast (not unless there's been a LOT of rain recently)
Received ome additional information today:

Greetings to all, here is the latest update on the first North
American TRAVELLERcon:

Rooms at the Hotel Brunswick:
$79.00 per night for a single (double bed), UNrenovated room
$99.00 per night for a single (double bed), RENovated room

Of the two, I do suggest the renovated rooms - the hotel wanted to
offer attendees a choice. I have stayed in the unrenovated rooms and
they have a noisy heating/cooling system.

Please mention TRAVELLERCon/USA when booking to get the convention

Pre-reg: $25.00, $35.00 at the door.

Preregistration will begin in June (toward the middle/end of June)
and end September 30th, 2007. Our Financial Guy is setting up a
PayPal account and we'll post when it's ready.

Registration as a Referee: just send an email stating you interest to
Admiral Harmon at: admiral5harm@yahoo.com - we're working on Referee
Incentives plan, please remember, money's tight the first year of a
new convention.

Posting Privileges to Info Group
We've set up this particular group as an "announcement only" group.
Members may post through the moderators. If you'd like to run an
event, once you receive confirmation of your game being added to the
schedule, send Admiral Harmon a write-up and we'll post it to the
info list and also to the website.

Friday Afternoon Programming
There will be games on Friday after 6:00 PM. We're working with the
hotel to cut a deal for the main room. If you want to play games on
Friday night, let us know - email Lorenzo Harmon at

Keep those questions coming.

Yours to serve you,
Keith F.
Write me up an advertisement or something, one page or less, and I'll include an announcement in the next issue of Stellar Reaches.

As to my attendance, I will see what I can talk my wife into after Gen Con Indy in August.

Hope this helps,
Wow! OK, given that my recreational travelling is spent up this year is ALL used up with family obligations, I still want to put out a huge KUDOS to you folks for taking a 'wouldn't it be cool' idea and running with it!

Thanks for all the work!

Hey Everyone!

WOW! I'm so excited to see that people are talking about our convention!

The original post had the old (temporary) site listed on it...the correct official site is


It's being held in Lancaster/PA, but that doesn't mean fellow Traveller fans from the UK can't come! :p

We're very excited about this convention's potential and we DO plan on having it again next year! You can always join our Yahoo information group to be kept in the loop...


If you have ANY questions, please email us at info@travellercon-usa.com or register at registration@travellercon-usa.com

Hope you can join us!
Megan H.
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That is right down the road from me, nice. Any info on venders, merchants, etc.?
Anyone who pays the regular registration fee can sell their products...we already have a couple people who are bringing merchandise to sell...so there will be licensed products there...

Megan H.
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Travellercon Update 25 Sept 2007

:alpha:Greetings Traveller Fans,

Less than a month to Travellercon-USA!

We're pretty psyched.

Megan H., our volunteer admin, keeps jumping up and down and making
noises like a tea kettle,

Admiral Harmon insists upon wearing his dress uniform to work (and
it's a business casual office),

and I keep playing with my way cool Ad Astra starship miniatures and
making "whooshing" noises.

Yeah - we need it bad.

And deadlines - do we have deadlines.

We're still taking registrations for games, though that will be
closing Friday, 28 September.

We're still taking Travellercon T-shirt orders, though that will end
on 1st October.

You have until October 4th to book your rooms at the conventon rate -
after that date, I can pretty much guarantee you WON'T get a room at
the hotel due to several weddings that are also taking place there.

October 5th is the final day to get your pre-registered convention
rate - then the price jumps ten bucks. Get your pre-reg in ASAP.

See you soon.
Keith F.
Travellercon-USA event coordinator :eek:mega:
I may come this year, but I want to see if I get a job.

Do this next year and I will likely come.
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What if you cannot make it to the convention, but want to buy a T-shirt as support for the convention? Is the convention staff willing to ship t-shirts?
What if you cannot make it to the convention, but want to buy a T-shirt as support for the convention? Is the convention staff willing to ship t-shirts?

Now that the loonie and greenback are near parity, I would gladly support a Traveller Con with buying a T-Shirt. Can you send me the particulars. It would have to Large...unless, you can make one for my son in that case he is 4yrs old.