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Traveller Web Awards?

This came up in passing in the thread about the second hand market in Random Static. Issaries Inc do a "Best of Glorantha" each year for the best fan-sites for Glorantha, but is there an equivalent for Traveller? I mean there are certain main WWW sites: here, Downport.com, Freelance Traveller, plus JTAS and widening it to the whole internet the TML of course. But is there any mechanism that collates the opinions of fans?

I'm sure that I'm not the only one that can see benefits to both the fans and companies involved to a Best Fan Site (or sites, I can think of a number of categories that would make sense...) poll. But what do other people think?
All one catagory or various divisions? There was a "Best Langrab" award set up when that project was started ( see the TML Landgrab pages), but I don't think a poll has ever been taken on that. Traveller sites are pretty specialized in most cases. I used to give "cool site" status in each of the Traveller catagories on the Open Directory (dmoz.org) when I was the editor. Would you include, exclude or give a special catagory to commercial (company) sites? Sounds interesting. I bet this webboard software even has built-in polling, eh?
You could do a poll for commercial sites and one for fan site.

There are built in polls in the forum software here. We can set up something like this if folks are interested.