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Traveller wall calendar

Traveller wall calendar

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Originally posted by Andrew Boulton:
Would anybody be interested in buying a calender full of Traveller art to hang on the wall?
Yes please
depends on the art, personally. I wasn't a hug fan of kieths, for example - but that said there are many great artists out there, wouldnt mind seeing some trav stuff, although it would be nice rto see something besides ships for a change
I prefer colorized art, having been spoiled by the new technology we enjoy today.

As for whether its 3D, CGI, terragen, Line drawn and photo shop--lets see the good shtuff. If it costs 25 crimps or less, my vote is yes. Others may not have the budget I do, so the price may vary.

but for $25 USA Cr's..95% of the B & W golden Oldie art of the CT age won't cut it. Good idea Andrew, btw..


And it doesn't just have to be "Starships"--plenty of alien scenery and plant life, landscapes, Aliens in the starport..and one cannot have one without the fav place never done well or in color--the Starport Bar & Lounge! :D :cool:
I voted for under $10, not because I'm a cheapskate (ok, I am, but that's not why ;) ), but because I'd like a PDF version. My new location makes postage a bit of a hassle.
Yes, kind of, if the price is right. Under $10 would have to include shipping!
(I know this sounds gredy but...)

Would that be a standard 12-month calander or the delux expanded edition with upto an additional 6 months so you can keep the same calander around for longer than just one year?

How packed full of pictures (bw/color) would this be?

PDF as well...

Put it out there; they will come with checkbooks in hand.
The plan - and that's *all* it is ATM - is for a standard, 12-month calendar, with a full-colour 11"x8.5" picture for each month.

I don't know what the art will be yet. I'd like as many different artists as possible, preferably good ones, but I won't be able to pay much otherwise it'd push the price up too high.