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Traveller universe suppliments

I'm sure it's been asked before, but what sort of sector/subsector suppliments (if any) are on the horizon for T20?

I admit, there are scads of older material out there, but alot of it is out of print and/or hard to find these days. Not to mention that I'd have to covert it over to T20 rules myself - and i'm lazy. I'd rather just throw $$$ at you guys to give me a new suppliment

So - any word on if/when new stuff might appear?
I, too, find it surprising that they did not have a supplement or two that was released at the same time that T20 hit the shelves. A resource book on ships, a starting subsecter (the web one is fine), or one with 4-6 basic starting adventures or frameworks would have been great. When one puts the hours in a fulltime career,I rather spend money "hiring" someone else to do the legwork and with the the history of Traveller, there must have been a whole..er, universe of material out there! This may be the first time that a gaming company wasn't looking for my money! :confused:
I would have been more than happy to give them my $$ if I would have gotten a reprint map of the spinward marches (or better yet - the Solomani Rim!) and a collection of old JTAS articles updated into T20 format. Hell, deck plans wouldn't have been that hard to have created, would they?

I guess the editors just didn't have the time. I mean, they did put out a quality d20 suppliment of Traveller so I can't bitch too much...but it would have been nice to have had an updated suppliment on the Imperium.
I would love to get some deck plans. The GURPS ones are just too big to be useable. They need a one sheet GM map as well as player maps. There are several places to get star maps. Try looking into the Traveller web ring.
Converting the old sub-sector maps is not hard, I use the spinward marches reprint from FFE and Galactic and Heaven & earth software for my star mapping.
Pretty much the next thing on the publishing list for Quicklink is the Gateway domain book. Four sectors worth of Traveller starmaps, world writeups and other roleplaying goodness.
You know what I would like to have? a Service Class guidebook supplement with information on the various specialties and branches within each military service, and DM's campaign information for running an active duty service personnel campaign.

That would be the first in a series of class guidebooks.
Hmm...an all service member campaign...

Now that's a very interesting idea.

How would you handle mixed branches tho? Then there's the command structure to think about....it'd be a challenge.
Originally posted by Weaver95:

How would you handle mixed branches tho? Then there's the command structure to think about....it'd be a challenge.
Usually, they don't. But it is possible that the government would want to create a task force (usually temporary) that consists of members of different branches...

Of course, that would sound like GI JOE, Traveller-style.

But most of the time, you would find the mixed bunch employed in a paramilitary or mercenery group.