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Traveller Trailer

Originally posted by Andrew Boulton:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr /> There's a little blip though, where the combat-armoured marine (?) seems to disappear from the corridor he's standing in.
No, the view changes to face the other way.</font>[/QUOTE]Yeah, I worked that out after watching it for the fifth time.

Maybe you could slow down the camera swivel? And where's the link for downloading the high-quality version? :D
Originally posted by Andrew Boulton:

</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr /> Is the IRIS valve rigged in Poser?
No, it's all done in C4D. It probably could be done in Poser.

Okay, now tell me what's wrong with it, or what's missing.
</font>[/QUOTE]I'd pay for that door, even if I have to rig it myself. What's wrong? Besides the lack of a control panel to open it, I don't see anything.
That's cracking, mate. Excellent work.

What's wrong? Well, for a start it needs to be snappier and more dynamic. You have that fantastically dramatic music leaping and dancing in the background and then all the cameras are locked off. The tanks and the ships all move slowly, ponderously and mechanically. Each shot lasts too long aswell. It needs to be snatches. Glimpses. A couple of seconds at a time. Even if you show a couple of seconds now and a couple of seconds later on.
You need more tracking shots. Get the camera zipping around. Give the impression of exhillerating speed. More extreme angles too.
The shot with the fighters is much better for this but again, way too long.

The thing that really jarred though were the two people shooting. There is absolutely no motion in their bodies whatsoever. There needs to be at least recoil even if there's nothing else. The corrdiors are lit bright white too. Have a look at more atmospheric lighting. Make it moody and dangerous looking.

One minor thing, the one end of the corridor looks like the other so that when you switch, it looks like the guard simply dissapears. I'd light it differently and add some extra features to make it look different and then don't put the two shots together.

Try cutting the whole thing down to 30 seconds but keeping all the existing scenes.

You could do worse than check out the new Transformers trailer for some inspiration - or pretty much any action movie trailer, really. See how they do it. It's usually a slow lead in, nice and calm and then bam! bam! bam! glimpses of scenes and finally a lingering shot of the movie logo.

Ah. Thanks for that

I thought it sounded familiar, but couldn't place it. It has some similiar motifs to parts of the Galdiator score.
Originally posted by Andrew Boulton:
I might swap it for your Vargr :)

I meant what's wrong/missing in general.
Based on the pictures of IRIS valves, from the CT books, a frame around it, generally rounded, and the control pad are all that is missing when compared to Sup-7's picture. (I am not going to try to count the leaves.

As for a swap, you have a PM.

That Vargr makes a decent Aslan as well.
Originally posted by BetterThanLife:
That Vargr makes a decent Aslan as well.
The character on the far right does seem to be a passable Aslan to me. It does look like a modification of the Vargr characters though.
Originally posted by Joseph Kimball:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by BetterThanLife:
That Vargr makes a decent Aslan as well.
The character on the far right does seem to be a passable Aslan to me. It does look like a modification of the Vargr characters though. </font>[/QUOTE]Well it is based on the same pair of figures. Little Dragon's Furrette and Furraldo. (Though the Aslan texture is one I made based using his tiger bump map.

If you have Daz|Studio or Poser (Link for Daz Studio, which is free, is in my signature.) you can get Furrette and Furraldo from here and they are free. (For both commercial and non-commercial use.)
That's what I tell 'em!

I'm thinking of giving it "chapters":

"Travel to distant worlds"

"Meet aliens"

"Trade and explore"

"Fight for survival"
Originally posted by Scarecrow:
Pirates of the Carribean
Funny thing is when Andrew first mentioned 'Pirates of the Caribbean', way back in this post, I was thinking of the old version that plays at the theme park. The one that goes; 'Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirates life for me.'
I thought he was off his rocker, now I understand!
Wonderful, wonderful.

And, after browsing Mickazoid's work some months ago, I think she'd be there person here to write an original score.

I myself am working on something I'm calling "First Survey", a la Activision's "The Movies" Game.