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Traveller Trailer


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I notice that many of the good games out there are starting to emerge with CGI trailers with killer soundtracks. Why doesn't Traveller?

This could either be something intiated from the company or fan based (like Andrew's fantastic efforts).

I had proposed once to do a history of the OTU by taking images from different gamebooks and hiring voice actors to narrate a sequence. I got a abrupt: "No" from SJG and silence from Marc & QLI and hence have not followed up on it.

If Traveller is to thrive in the new milieux, it should find new ways of inventing itself. A good see an excellent mash-up with scenes from Serenity, Firefly, Star Wars with Traveller inspired dialogue laying the basis for many fan efforts. It seems odd that the individuals & companies that produce Traveller have not sought out opportunities like this.

For revenue can be generated by licences but popularity is fan based and more grassroots (not neccessarily profit-driven more hobbyist). Taking advantage of intitiatives that are now before us would go a long way in regenerating the fan base of Traveller.
I started doing a CGI Traveller trailer that basically animated a number of the box/book covers and some of the better interior illustrations using the new Battlestar Galactica theme as background music. As you can imagine it didn't get very far and will almost certainly never see the light of day

I thought Andrew's highport animation was well on the way to being a decent trailer for Traveller. Hopefully, he'll extend this somewhat (at some stage) to give a 5 minute intro to the Traveller universe. His Ace of Spades animation is also a pretty good Traveller intro piece.
The current plan is to add a few more scenes and use it as a trailer for the Spica Sourcebook, except I keep getting distracted (mostly by the book itself), so it probably won't be ready in time.
It needs a bit of work, but I'm *really* trying not to get distracted away from all the other stuff I should be doing. I'm not succeeding, though, so it wouldn't take much to persuade me to co-produce this with someone...
If by "co-produce" you mean posting things like "nice job", "keep going", and "I like it", then most of the people here are quite willing to "co-produce" with you. :)
Originally posted by Redcap:
nice addition... now if only someone could make the (blockbusting) movie for it ;)
Rendering time, alone, for a feature length animation at 3 minutes per frame is about a year, just to render it.
Good one, Andrew! Now (you didn't think I'd leave it at that, did you?
), how about having a few index cards instead of the big A4 character sheet, and having the zoom ending on the "Mayday" instead of the black? Oh, unless the black fades into a starfield and becomes the Spica movie!

Needs 2d6 on the table, too. :D
Excellent choice of music too :D The original is best ;) but it has been covered enough* that I think every generation knows it.

* As well as being used in a couple related movies.

Oh, one thing, might have mentioned it when you first posted the Spica flight, it's a bit dark. Any way to (easily) bring it up a bit?
funny the things you notice...


as usual another excellent graphic....thanks man!