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Traveller the tv show?


This looks insperational

"Set 400-500 years in the future in a newly established Union of Planets, Firefly centers on the crew of Serenity, a small transport spaceship of class firefly who will take any job -- legal or not -- to stay afloat and put bread on the table."

Check out web page
and web page

The crew looks VERRRY Traveller-like. None of the silly models-in-space crew like Andromeda.

Good thing too. I never liked Dark Angel at all.
I think the intriguing thing is no stupid aliens. Yup... no silly human-with-a-plastic-nosepiece pretending to be "alien". No Star Trek one-dimensional cultures. Just HUMANS. Why? Because we're just that interesting.
I remember reading about this somewhere. The galaxy has just emerged froma brutal civial war and the crew of the Firefly class ship "Serenity" unfortunately had loyalties for the side that lost.