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Traveller Size Comparison Chart

Now that's useful :cool:

Thanks Andrew
It would be more useful if we knew what those things all were... I can only identify about half of them. Please give an appropriate label, plus its tonnage rating. A top-view wouldn't hurt either; some of these things are a lot bigger than this page would suggest.

All in all, good effort!
Huh. The Broadsword is a lot smaller than I thought it was.
Yes, very useful. I agree with DS, though about the labels and the top views. (Scale=? Is it one square per meter?)

Good job, BTW, on lining up the background grid and the actual pix.
I wouldn't mind if someone could reproduce the silhouette chart from the back of the Starship Operator's Manual and add in some more ships (such as the Tigress). That was a great chart.

What program did you use do make those?

Nice page. Remember the happy fun ball has a lot more verticle space so it looks smaller than you think, the volume looks pretty much spot on.
Well, of course, the 747,
A man, an air/raft, some cargo containers (I suspect 2Td and 16Td)
Modular cutter
Type S
Type R
Type A2
Happy Fun Ball, small size. (Mercenary Cruiser)
That isn't an A2. That's a ship that was designed and imaged here on these boards.

The class is Lanthium Petal, an 800ton flattened sphere merchanter found here.

There used to be a larger Traveller ship comparison chart running around the Web somewhere, and it was centered around a Tigress...
Nice work, Andrew.

I have a screengrab somewhere of boxes at various dTon volumes up to 10,000 with a variety of celebrity starships for comparison. This is much more interesting to look at.