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Traveller Hero Project

good... this whole project got started on the Hero boards over a year ago when a bunch of folks were talking about how useful it would be to be able to convert traveller to hero, and other folks who play hero that want to use Traveller as reference for hero but need a little help getting started
Well, I don't play HERO but I can appreciate how much effort you put into that... well done!
I did a lot of gearheading and kibbitzing, Eodin did all the layout and editing...

from the responses so far on the Hero boards, I think we have at worst gotten a lot of folks to look at the various versions of traveller, and sold a few books too
Excellent work. I've also enjoyed the Trek files from the same site.

Even if people don't like or use Hero this a good collection of information and uses mostly generic terms. And HERO Sidekick (which is the core rules and nowhere near as intimidating as ReFred) is only $7 on pdf or $10 for printed.
Look at T20: Hunter really is a Traveller Fan, as is MJD.

The current editions of traveller (T20 and GT) are mostly fan-written.