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General Southwind Vale Project


Southwind Vale Project

An adventure for Scout or Belter characters, using the system generation function of ‘Traveller Map’.

While surveying the outer system, the PC’s discover an abandoned ‘research/mining’ station in the planetoid belt of the relevant system. Upon closer examination of the facility, it appears to be of a higher than average tech level for the system, causing some raised eyebrows.

Upon gaining entry, the PC’s become aware that the facility is a tiny mining/refining plant for various ores and metals gained from the surrounding planetoids. There are small amounts of refined metals remaining in the transfer hoppers. The power plant for the facility is dead, having long ago depleted its fuel.

Further investigation of the facility will reveal a ships boat, which all but fills the small hanger built into the asteroid. It has several of its access panels open revealing cut/removed wiring, and various components removed and sitting on tables and benches around the hanger, some of which is not immediately identifiable. It is most assuredly NOT a miner’s craft, containing advanced targeting systems and a plethora of test equipment, but, no identifiable weapons.

Searches of the structure will find bits and pieces of decayed personal gear, including a ‘uniform’ jacket, displaying a patch on one shoulder.

Computers in the complex will be all but completely unusable, with corrupted data or missing/damaged files. However, several data sticks can be found around the facility. One of which has a short video of a man whooping and hollering, “Seven ball in the corner pocket!” And, “It works! It Works!” The man in the video is identified as Dr. Herbert Winston, and is time stamped from the year 937. A wiki search for the local system will reveal Dr. Winston was declared dead in the year 935!

Perusal of the data sticks will reveal equipment descriptions, engineering data, and wiring diagrams. Interspersed with the technical information will be found system coordinates. Many images of the equipment will be shown on the sticks. But nothing about what the ‘gadget’ does!

1D6+4 coordinates are available, they are between 1-3 hours travel time from the station. One of the coordinates will lead to an asteroid of several hundred Dtons, with the remains of a radar reflector emplaced on it. At least two of the coordinates will be empty space with nothing there.

The object of the search is a first generation repulsor, sitting quietly on one of the tables in the hanger, having been removed from the SB. With all the information the PC’s have, they may or may not have the ability to make use of it.

It’s kind of a ‘trope’, but my player had fun with it.

Southwind Vale Patch.png