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Traveller 5 Dividers?

Full color reprints of various pieces of Traveller artwork on heavy stock suitable for use as dividers for a binder.

It's on its way to the printers. I bought 'em. I like the Best-of-JTAS feeling evoked...
Originally posted by kafka47:
Hunter or other knowledgable sources, does anyone one know what art is included?
It looks like its a set of two each of the two pieces found on the T5 blurb. Which is very easy to miss as it's not linked in from the main page or the normal Traveller page. If you go to the site map ( http://www.farfuture.net/ffe/n9999.htm ) from the page you linked to above and click on the Traveller link there it'll take you to http://www.farfuture.net/ffe/n5500.htm . Click on Traveller 5 to go to http://www.farfuture.net/ffe/n5550.htm .

(originally found via this thread (link))

It arrived yesterday.

Two LBB-style insert thingies. Two Best-Of-JTAS insert thingies (same image, the one on FFE's advert). By the way, the "Traveller 5" text on the BOJTAS thingies looks better than the text on the LBB thingies. Two little business-card-sized LBB-style T5 thingies. And some adverts about all of the CT Reprints and T2000 Reprints.

On the back of the four insert thingies is the draft outline for T5 and a blurb about its organization into milieux independent Core Rules, Player's Guide, Technical Reference, and Encyclopedia. And that support for the system centers on rules-neutral sourcebooks.

It's worth $4 of my money. He spent half of that just for shipping it out.
Originally posted by robject:
It's worth $4 of my money. He spent half of that just for shipping it out.
For all my skepticism about T5 etc. I have never had a complaint about FFE's service, either direct, through eBay, or via email. Quick response and turnaround, well packaged, and he always puts in some small freebies like the promo cards.