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Traveller 3D is here!

Andrew Boulton

The Adminator
After letting it sit on my to-do list for a few years, I've finally got around to registering a domain and getting more web space. It's basically the same as the old site ATM.
Originally posted by Andrew Boulton:
The first one, about a month. The second, about twice as long, although it's still not finished.
wow i look forward to the remaining then
very nice for a home brewed flick BTW...

is it alot like animating a gif?
IE... frame after frame kinda thing?
Normally you position everything at several key frames and then the computer goes away and fills in all the bits in between.
Woah! Finally got around to looking at the second movie. Very stimulating work, without a doubt. And the perfect soundtrack to go with it, too.

I'm on dial-up - it'll be a while before i get to see the first movie ... :(