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torpedoes for t20?

Does anyone have any rules for torpedoes that they would like to share? What I'm looking for, is, well, if any of you have seen the Wing Commander movie, those are the kind or torpedos I'm looking for. (not the skipper missiles, but the torpedos the Tiger Claw and the kilrathi fired at each other).

Missiles are for taking out small craft and fighters. Torpedos are for the big guys.

So, anyone have any rules?
I have some...

vargr torpedoes

more vargr torpedoes


But more seriously, this is probably more what you're looking for but I couldn't resist ressurecting the VT threads for a larf ;)


And there's this little diversion as well...

jump torpedoes

Hope those give you a few ideas

They have the same stats as missile bays, but fire a 2dTon or 4dTon torpedo. Generally with a mirv warhead for use against fighter squadrons, and to get past final run point defence and sandcasters.

This in-game is the same as a missile bay, so is just a color thing mainly.

This leaves as ordinance
  • Missiles as per the rules</font>
  • Heavy missiles fired from a alternative version triple missile turret</font>
  • Torpedos fired from a 50dTon bay</font>
  • Heavy Torpedos fired from a 100dTon bay</font>
Which give IMHO a better spread.
Veltyen, I like the torpedo rules. I presume the damage is also doubled / quadrupled if a single warhead is used?

On a side note - what acceleration do people give missiles / torpedoes. I assume 12g for missiles. I would guess 6g for torpedoes? Is this too high?
Torpedos belong in the Ocean, if you fire them in space their screw propellers have nothing to push against. ;)
Veltyen, I like the torpedo rules. I presume the damage is also doubled / quadrupled if a single warhead is used?
Nope. They just act as a missile bay does. That includes taking 2.5 dTon and 5 dTon to store the torpedos (the equivalent of the 50 missile, and 100 missile volleys that the missile bays fire). The only difference is colour, though I do allow them to be used as probe launching facilities, just as I allow normal missile turrets to launch probes. The difference being the size of the probe

I avoid the acceleration issue. Missiles go "fast" as do torpedos. Giving them a speed bring up the question "why aren't there any ships that fast" or "why can't I outrun the torpedo/missile?" which are both worth avoiding. I would put both in the 30+ G range if I had to give a number, using some kind of single use limited duration drive with no inertial damping.
Strictly IMTU of course, but I allow a builder to put whatever acceleration of drive can be squeezed into the hull, without limit...

Of course, the physics of Inertial Compensation limit the technology to 6G accelerations, so that becomes the limit for inhabited vessels.

Missiles have an 'arbitrarily high' acceleration that would smear a being into sticky red goo.