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Topic deleted, Drill is over, Back to work

Liam Devlin

SOC-14 5K
The CoTI Lifeboat drill on Imperial Scout Surveys board is over, and we have a reprieve of another 365 days.

Thank you Jonathon Barton for the phone call & payment for this forum.

Liam Devlin
Three cheers for Mr Barton (Or should that be Batron?)




You're a star!!!

Barton renewed the COTI domain name, apparently, so that COTI can continue for another year. Hunter is missing, presumed alive, busy, and quite possibly depressed.
Huzzah for Johnathan Barton.
Our hero!
(do we need to make donations to help cover the costs of hosting this website?)
Mr. Barton, I will commit myself on Friday (when I get paid) to $5.00Cnd, let us hope the looney continues to gain parity with the greenback.
Thank you very much. Although I don't get to spend as much time here as I'd like, I love this board. I really appreciate being able to spend more time here. Pls let us know if there is a passing of the hat.