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To Shane McLean

Hello Shane.
I am in the middle of loading the T20 sectors into gal and i have found 2 systems in Gateway that are not on your maps?? but are in the COTI maps, they are Goldstar - 2725, Azuris - 2727 also you have Picard's Belt at 2440 but it isnt on the Coti site,
Im downloading the UWP's from the Coti site for the gas giants and belt info but im using yours for the possible reversed belts,gas giant problem, I have sofar only done Ley and Gateway and only Ley seams to be reversed.
I would like to know which is correct if possible.
A notice board in hear would be nice that would save messages being stuck in as questions.
If i delete this does it delete any answer or do you have to delete your answer (after you answer assumming you do answer)this will free space.
Untill later.