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TNE setting questions

Chewing through the TNE book (I usually read rules first, setting last) and I have Survival Margin coming to me in the mail.

I have a few questions though, from things I've read here

Who is Lucan and what is his significance ?

What is the Empress wave, that I've seen mentioned ?

Are there any information out there about how the solomani do ? Are they still supremacist bastards after the collapse ?

Maybe not TNE related, but I've read mentionings of a vargr supremacist church, and a neo-vargr being discovered. Can anyone elaborate a bit ?

Finally, which books are worth hunting down, for TNE setting and "metaplot" information ?
Emperor Lucan, "official" successor to Strephon after his assassination at the start of the Rebellion. He allegedly murdered his own elder twin brother during the fighting in the Imperial Palace to secure the throne.

Empress Wave, see 1248 stuff by Comstar or take a gander at the Ask Dave Neilsen Thread[/ur] for the original author's viewpoint.

1248 lets you play both Nazi and Liberal Solomani. Or make it up yourself.

Travellers' Digest has the neo-vargr in an early issue. The Vargr Church appears all over the place.

Path of Tears and The Regency Sourcebook are best IMO.
If you want actually to find out the answers to the megaplot that you have been reading about 1248 Out of Darkness ties up all the loose strings.
The combination of Survival Margin, Path of Tears, Regency Sourcebook, and the 1248 book will get you the setting information spanning 132 years from Rebellion's beginning to the founding of the Fourth Imperium. It's a bumpy ride.

Take Virus at face value. The less you think about it as anything but a plot device, the better.
One other thought:

Before virus, more than 30% of the imperium had been chewed up by the 2nd Civil War, with some NASTY effects already, as lain out in Hard Times (MT).

That actually hurts the verisimilitude a bit, but hey... I never bought into the whole Virus thing anyway!
well, reading Survival Margin helped a bit with some of the characters. I perused the Dave Nilsen thread and it helped with the Empress wave, but it was mostly written from the perspective of someone who already knew what was in the books.

Which books does this appear in ?
It's hinted at in Survival Margin, I think - the Strephon diary entry where he talks about what the duty psion 'showed' him, and he wonders "Who is this woman, this Empress."

It's specifically stated to the be "Empress Wave" in the Referee's section of the Regency Sourcebook.