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TNE Game Mechanic?


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Now, I've had the TNE core rulebook since 1992, and enjoy the setting (though I never got much else for it and didn't have any players/refs). (And I may have said this before. I'll say it again.) Recently I've got to play CT, and expand my GDW and Traveller collection a bit, and had the opportunity to look over a pair of 2300AD products. Are the TNE and 2300AD mechanics the same (and I mean roll this many of this type of die, not take this wrench and bang it over the engine
I didn't quite get your last sentence (quote: "I mean roll this many of this type of die, not take this wrench and bang it over the engine"), but then again I'm Finnish and not paranoid.
Oh well. I'll answer you out of memory (as I'm at work and don't have the books handy). Hopefully I'm answering the right question.

TNE and 2300AD do not use the same mechanic. TNE has a system where your skill level is modified by the difficulty level (halved, doubled, etc.), then 1d20 is rolled, scoring under your skill level is a success (so low rolls are good). 2300AD has a system similar to CT/MT where you roll 1d10, modified by your skill level (etc.), against a difficulty level (e.g. roll 6 or more to succeed), high rolls are good.

There are many other differences, but that should answer your question (if that was the question ;) ).
That was the question exactly, TJP. Thanks!

The reference to a wrench was a joke. A game mechanic is the way a game is played, while a "general" mechanic is a human who repairs things (such as cars, which is why I mentioned a wrench).