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Thx for the help

I've used ( or tried to use I should say ) some of the tips you guys have been posting. I re-textured this one and added some lights. Thx again for sharing all your expertise!

This one is rendered in Bryce since I can't import objects and do landscapes in anything else worth a darn.
Lets see if I can embed an image here. :)

3ds max. but I don't have access to it anymore (left the company, I was an SA for a computer game company once upon a time), so I added some objects in bryce.

I'm starting to notice some flaws. I'm gonna try to get the whole ship to have the same look as the cockpit. Most textures look a bit washed out.
Two small things. Firstly, dispite the strongly lit sky, the scene doesn't appear to have any main ligh source.
The 'washed-out' look of certian sections looks like it's due to the material ambient being set too high.
The cockpit looks like it's about the right level you should aim for. I would brighten the top light a little more, though and if you can, add some subtle noise to the specular on it's surface. Also, the underside is totally blacked out. This is unlikely, especially above a water surface - Essentially a giant mirror - so I would put in some sort of underlight but obviously not as intense as the top light.