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The Kinunir


I'm currently running a naval campaign set in 1107, on the eve of 5FW. The PCs are officers aboard the Agidda, a Kinunir-class ship on a crap detail : patrolling shipping lanes in District 268 subsector. Their NPC skipper is modeled on Capt Queeg of Caine Mutiny fame, and thiongs are rather tense at the moment.
I'm using GT but I'm considering switching over to T20.
Has anybody worked out a T20 profile for the infamous Kinunir "cruisers" ? And for the Shivva frigate ?
Thanks in advance.
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Now, I've recently read the CT Adventure 1, The Kinunir, and can't figure out why it's so "unlucky." Why is the class considered infamous?

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The problem with the Kinunir class were the vessels built by General. Poor quality control resulted in many problems.

Then there was that infamous "limited" AI computer fitted to the class which had a bug. This resulted in the disappearnce of the Kinunir when the AI stopped responding to security overrides it did not like.
That and it is essentially a big ll book 2 design - the effectiveness of which was upset by HG and the publication of Fighting Ships!

Still it has a black globe!
Looking at the TNE version of the Kinunir it also looks like the black globe was removed. It would probably have been of more use in a larger vessel.

Just another example of the differences in Traveller game systems.

I remember a cartoon involving the Kinunir the jist of which the Kinunir was heading for a starport at high speed. The caption was something like "Imminent rule change!"
I always considered the Kinunir class ship as a non-starter as a combat vessel. Its weapons are poorly laid out, it has no agility, no armor and is relatively slow. FOr chasing pirates it is useable but in a Naval engagement... Useless. (And a Pair of Gazelles cost less and have more capability against pirates.) Now if it weren't really designed as a combat vessel but as a Commando Transport, to deliver the equivalent of a SEAL Team. (Well 35 Marines makes a big team.) That would explain the Black Globe, the large Marine contingent and the fact that the armament isn't really optimized for space combat. It also explains the Pinnace, and the Drop tubes and the extremely high proportion of Officers in the Marine Contingent. (A Platoon of Marines with 4 officers?) More like 3 SEAL teams and an overall commander. Pull the Dual laser turrets replace 6 of them with Trip Laser and two with Trip missiles, organize them as three batteries of Lasers and (including the already installed 2 trip missile turrets) two Missile batteries and you have significantly increased your firepower for the cost of one EP (Which you have to spare.) and add one crew member. (Which you have space for.) You have three Laser batteries where you had two of the same factor and you have increased your missile power. Your ship now increases in cost by MCr5.5 or MCr4.4 in quantity. A simple refit that improves your combat capability by almost 50%. But if you are concerned about Stealth and quietly inserting SOF troops then the Kinunir is the right ship for the job.
Why else would you put a Black Globe in such a small ship?
New mission for the Kinunir. As well as being used as a commando insertion platform, it can also have the mission of Fleet Scout. Black Globe Generator, Serious sensors, (Model 7FIB computer), Jump 4, small size, relatively low cost, Nuclear damper. It has lots of defenses for a ship of its size and weak offensive power. Hmmmmm.