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The Grays


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Has anyone ever done a write up for the “grays” the classic UFO aliens?
I am thinking of doing one along with a saucer shaped exploration ship complete with “medical examination room” and special probes just for fun.
It'd be fun to have a ship of these guys showing up regularly, like unto the viking pirates in Asterix and Obelix - an "oh no not these guys again" sort of thing, eliciting protests of "You DID us already! Honest! I couldn't sit for a WEEK!"
I know someone out there has integrated the Traveller and Dark Conspiracy timelines, which uses the Grays. It is a fascinating read. I'll post the link if I can find it...
I use grays in my TU. they exist primarily as an elusive, secretive species, nobody knows quite where they're from or where their homeworld is, and encounters (At least, with evidence) are extraordinarily rare, usually occuring on backwater or frontier, lowtech worlds.

Grays: Amphibious humanoid aliens
Ability score adjustments:
STR -3
DEX +1
CON -2
INT +2
WIS +0
CHA +0
EDU +2
The race is ancient, and technology has advanced so far that the race has evolved to be physically weak and fragile, however their intelligence and memory is incredible. Rumors of psionic abiliites have never been confirmed, but that doesn't mean much when dealing with a race nobody knows anything about for sure. They reportedly stand between .75 and 1.25 meters tall, and have a mass between 15 and 30 kg.

Civilization TL: 17
Organization: Usually encountered in small crews of 2 or 3. Technology tends to be highly streamlined and ergonomic; ships are saucer shaped, as are many vehicles. Teardrop shaped pods are also not uncommon.

Nobody is entirely sure what their purposes in entering inhabited space are; they never stay long and never make concrete contact, avoiding military and scientific facilities. They have only rarely shown any overt aggresion, seemingly interested more in research and observation.
for a look at a ship see also "The Fleet" 800 ton Probe Ship.
In the StarDrive (Alternity) setting, the Fraal were supposed to be the Greys. Also, if you have the d20 Modern Menace Manual, the stats are in there and in the d20 Future book, I think.
This is the site that I was thinking of - A very good background and read. Check it out.

It really works well if you are using the TNE ruleset - just get the stats for the humanoid ETs and run with it!
IMTU (as warped as it is), the Grays are pure strain Droyne or atleast a close proximity to them.

They abduct and probe and vivisect pretty much at will as they still retain Ancient tech that out classes anything the 3I has. Still, they don't have the numbers (or guts) to act in the open, instead they manipulate humaniti from the shadows.
What if you just took a Fraal from D20 Future and gave it a Traveller Character Class? I don't think they look a bit like Droyne, they don't have scales for one thing.
Could that not be what the Virus does on a routine basis with captured humans. Implanting memory augmentation devices then slaving them to their CPU and when they are deposited back on their homeworld have no memory of what happened?

Greys, Silvers (cybermen) what essentially would be the difference. Flying saucers are the preferred design of the K'kree...and the Dominate...just think what they would do to G'naak. Investigate biochemistry and try to convert through genetic means...populations into the Crusade.
I'd add my vote to using the Fraal as well.

Kafka, in one of MJD's new era short stories the RCES team encountered a viral ship which had a medbay - it was being used to cyborg captives.

Vampire Fleets also does a good job showing what virus would do to mix man and machine...
Right with you Sigg, now imagine if you take things back...a girl sitting on the fields...hearing voices...Angels, God urging her on to unite the world, throw off the G'naak and make the world a place where the God may freely walk as the Kingdom in the Heavens is established here on Laryssa. Yes, God may walk on four legs and have many avatars but here is the manifestion of unity. Then 4th Imperium arrives to find such a "happy" state where humans have been completed dominated by the Dominate willingly.

Greys could refer to the strange genetic experiments by the K'kree in transforming their genome into the pure species that humaniti should become.
1.) Where can I find those MJD short stories? I wanna them!

2.) I've been thinking of doing a more robust version of the Grays, without all the UFOlogy stuff; it would under T20 look like this:

STR -1
DEX +2
CON -1
INT +2
WIS +0
CHA +0
EDU +2

and under CT/MT/T4 look very similar (Str 2d6-1 Dex 2d6+2 end 2d6-1 Int 2d6+2 Edu 2d6+2 Soc 2d6).

They're still scientists, but they don't do the anal probes (any more). Not since their figured out that we're "borderline" sapient - but that doesn't deter their younger, wilder, higher-status youths...