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TA numbers


If artwork is holding up the release of TA's. Why not issue the TA number after the artwork is done? That way if any less art-demanding TA's become ready, they can be released. QLI can get cash in its coffers and maybe approach more artists.
As I've said in a similar thread, I feel that QLI is right to wait for art. If you spend any time on the ENWorld ePublisher's forum, it's pretty easy to see that art is important to the buyers of PDFs. While I myself can work without art, even though it does make the product look nicer, most people really want that as part of their purchasing experience. The better the art, the more people will buy future products from QLI, and let's face it, QLI is in the business of making money as well as cool Traveller stuff.

Ultimately, it's in QLI's best interests to include art. Unfortunately, that appears to be quite the hold-up right now. That's why I always try to mention that Hunter is looking for artists, so if you know someone with the talent, point them towards Hunter.