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T20 Lab Ship


Quickly read this and then click over to the "flibrary"; click on deckplans and download this file. It is the cross section and one of three decks, but it is a thing of beauty. I may be easily impressed but so what, IMHO this is very nice work. I congratulate the naval architect and wonder if the rest of this ship has been rendered yet. :eek:

Author: mvuraldi
Deckplan created by using CC2/CG
I do like the looks of it, but it seems about 150T over sized at a quick count. And that's based on 1.5m squares, the legend is a little hard to make out (on mine anyway) but it looks like it might be 1.6m which is odd (probably just a blurring when captured or whatever).

Also each of the labs is 12T not including common spaces so unless they are double labs or something that's a bit over too. Unless the designer has 8 12T labs instead of the listed 12 8T labs. Anyway it's a little hard to be sure without the full thing.

I am curious what it was done in, it looks like some kind of online game utility form, like QLI's GRIP or something. Ah, never mind
I see the CC2 note now.
OMG the flibrary got updated! :eek: <faints> Funny I don't remember those files being there
until just now and there's certainly been nothing about all those updates. Kinda hard to know they're there...

Then again with no updates posted about new files in the flibrary I haven't been checking it lately. :(

<commences massively multiple downloads>

update once I check out all the goodies
Hi folks !

That was the first CC2/CG try.
Dan, I have to admit, that maybe the freedom of artists creativity was stretched a bit, but I will check the volumes again.

Cross-Link to post entry with download links...


Nice work Mert. But where are the other decks? (in the file library, I only got deck 1....). I see your links let me get the others. Need to teach you about this newfangled thing called a zipfile so you can get all of the decks and the FCW into the file library... ;)
Hi Mert, don't take the nit-picking ramblings of this old perfectionist too seriously. I have in my old age come to more appreciate art over numbers but old habits die hard ;)

It does look like simply changing the scale to 1m squares will approximate a "closer" volume so no need to change a thing. Thanks for sharing and linking the earlier thread, not sure how I missed it.

Yes, looking at the beds* I'd say the scale should be 1m, otherwise at 1.5m those beds are nearly 3m long (close to 10ft).

* At least I think they're beds. The black rectangles (4 of them) with the white near one end, in the middle rooms of the upper deck.