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T20 confusion


I am a newbie to the T20 gaming system (although not at all to Traveller and several other RPGs) and I'm having some confusion about the rules. I hope some of you kind gentlemen can clear this up for me.
On page 141 of THB, in the Prior History example, Kaane Haamasir starts out at 1st level at what I count to be 14 skill points, not counting the 0-level free T/Computer, T/Astrogation, and T/Communications. He gets (4-1(Int modifier))*4 skill points, right? As a human he gets 1 xtra point per level. This is 13 skill points, no?
Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong or is this an error? I don't see anything about it in the posted errata if it is, so I assume my calculations are flawed somewhere.
Help please.

Welcome! The skill points that you get at 1st level are indeed (base + INT mod) x4, as you say, but the +1 for being human is added before the x4 multiplier (PHB p58), which would seem to indicate that he should have (4-1+1) x 4 = 16 skill points at 1st level.

I haven't added up his skill points myself, but it looks as though he may have a few cross-class skills there, which he would buy at 2 skill points for 1 level of skill, so maybe that makes up the difference.

Hope that's of some use!


I think he should have 16 - humans get an extra 4 skill points for first level and 1/level thereafter. I think it's wrong, too, but with too few skills rather than too many.
Thanx all you guys. Especially Mark. The link to the earlier discussion cleared things up. I thought I was losing my mind.
Just to sum up, when in doubt with T20, check the errata first, and doublecheck against the core book of your choice or that you have access to*. My personal choice for core book is Call of Cthulhu d20 or d20 Modern but that's just me.

* and check the errata for that book as well :D :rolleyes: