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Having just purchased t20 and not expecting much, i was greatly suprised and i am excited to run a campain around febuary i am guessing. My only books are most of the GURPS ones and T20. basied on what ive already writen the campain will end in the Solomani rim in Ultima on Darrukesh. I think 1121 year wise but im not sure. Im hoping to go more than the 2 or 3 sessions i have planed though and would like any plot sugestions, they should have a moderately equiped TL 11 starship when complete. thanks
well without giving anything away(incase my players find this board), they start out as prisoners and end up saving a world in only 2 games (may change just bought GURPS:Traveller Darkmoon and may alter my original plot) im not going for a particular type of campain. Im looking for tidbits on the next plot, assuming they have this ship now what? if i have something like they need to go to X to do Y then i can tie in a reason for them to go there into the story ive already developed. The idea is that i have a campain or several campains tied togeather by one shots or short missions.