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Ben W Bell

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When did Sylea get renamed to Capital, or does it still locally retain the name of Sylea except when referring to it as the capital of the Third Imperium?
I'm sure there's lots of tradition behind the name Sylea. It might be the "informal" name of Capital, or maybe it's used to refer to the seat of government as opposed to the world itself... "Sylea wants things this way" is the same as saying "the Imperial government wants things this way", perhaps, and "Our trade lines extend all the way to Capital" is how folks refer to the physical world.

No real evidence of this, it just feels that way to me.
it's referred to as Capital because when they were designing the 3I, marc miller & co couldn't think up anything original for a while. i'm not sure at what point they came up with the name sylea.
Scanning through the Quiklink supplements the only referance I can find to it being called Sylea is in Travellers Aide #7. The one I wrote. Oops.

Lots of reference though to the Sylean nobility and the Domain of Sylea.

I've probably just got it into my head from previous versions, in Milieu 0 it is still called Sylea even after the Warrant of Restoration and no word on it being called capital. I'm sure it's in other places as well.
The Core subsector write up in Traveller's Digest No.8 has this:

'The Core subsector (Subsector G of the Core Sector) was originally named for Sylea, the old capital world of the Sylean Federation. When Cleon declared the Sylean Federation to be the new Third Imperium, Sylea's name became Capital and this subsector became Core, the capital of the new empire.'
Also, the Syleans represent a minor human race in Traveller forming a distinct cultural group who resisted assimulation.

There are also many Pocket Empires who resist the Third Imperium's claim to the heritage of the two Imperiums. No doubt, their claims would continue to the present day. To distinguish their claims...they would still refer to the upstart Syleans.

Basically, their characteristics and appearences uncannily resemble Marc W. Miller. Technical prowness combined with high intelligence...was this some sort of GT in-Joke. Perhaps, Jon has the answer.