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Subscription info for the PDF


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Hi Hunter:

All the talk of PDFs got me not really interested. Will you create a link, on the homepage?

Plus, any chance of getting some annotations on the products that you plan on releasing. The details of what is coming up is rather sparce. It would be nice also if one could get more PDF of content, as well as those great illustrations/art that you have posted.
The PDF line is very young at present; everything is thus tenative.

Right now we have some "lines" of PDFs comissioned and underway. These would be:

Travellers Aides: Weaponry (3 volumes: Personal Weapons, Military Hardware, Self-Defence and Martial Arts)

Travellers Aides: Transport (Several volumes: Ground Vehciles, Grav Vehciles, Low Tech Vehciles, Specialist Vehciles etc)

Travellers Tales: (1 volume: New Frontiers: adventures in Ley Sector)

Adventures: (3 Volumes: Artifice Duplicity, Monorail Blues and Risk Management)
I plan to sign up for the PDFs/printed summary, if only to directly buy Traveller products straight from the creators again - something I haven't done since the mid 80's! I'm here from the promised CT perspective, though.

Wendell (IMTU tc++ tm !tn !t4 !tg ru+ ge+ 3i+ c+ jt- au ls+ he)

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