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Strange Actions At A Distance

Spinward Scout

SOC-14 5K
The Subject line is what Albert Einstein used to describe what is now known in Quantum Physics as Entanglement. Basically, once two particles interact, they are forever linked in some unknown way. Well, a new article on New Scientist now says that even empty space can be entangled.

New Scientist partial article

Something that I've found interesting reading a book called "How to be a Ghost Hunter" is that there is a certain type of Ghost that is the residual energy of a person, place, or object, or what The GhostBusters would call a "Repeating Phantasm". It's described as like a record that plays over and over again. I wonder if this could be explained in Quantum Physics as a Quantum Echo of sorts.

Any thoughts?

(And yes, I was the guy that got the X-Files for the What TV Show Would You Be On test)
I'd suggest checking out Brian Greene's The Fabric of the Cosmos. The action-at-a-distance experiments via quantum entanglement are very interesting. I couldn't see the whole article, but one idea is that any "empty space" we might access is not truly empty at the quantum level.

Quantum mechancis is my personal favorite example of truth is strangeer than fiction. "Sci-fi" writers of the late 1800's used to speculate about "death rays" which were explained with handwavium, if at all. Little did they know that quantum mechanics would open the way to the laser, or "death ray" of their imaginings.

I look forward to what new physics might be revealed should the gap between quantum mechanics and relativity be truly bridged. Personally, I'm hoping for FTL and anti-gravity. ;) Brian Greene might give you a taste of that, I think he is a super-string guy IIRC. I'm pulling for m-branes myself.
Sweet! I just jumped on my library web site and ordered it. Should be in in a couple of days. I also posed the question to the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research website and they are going to forward it to the correct department at Princeton for me. I'm hoping I hear something after Easter.