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STAT THAT SHIP! PART 10 - The Planet Express Cruiser

bryan gibson

Absent Friend

I'm guessing two hundred Dtons, +/- 10 percent

Cargo vessel for sure, and something a one - eyed pilot can fly!
Hi !

A cute, simple ship !

Quick stats, though I assumed a 100 dTon hull.

100 dTon streamlined hull
33 m long, 9 m wide and 7.5 m high.
Unloaded Weight: 411 tons

PP - 2dT 486 MW
JD - 2dT Jump 1
MD - 2dT 1 g, Agility 1
Fuel -14dT enough for jump/PP
6 Staterooms -24dT
Bridge - 2dT
Cargo -39dT
LS -13dT
1 LaserTurret -1dT
Computer M1 -1dT

Crew: Pilot, Navigator, Engineer, Gunner


On a regular basis I am tempted to try to do a deckplan of the Planet Express.

I'd always assumed it was approximately a Far Trader of tech level "mad scientist".