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Starship/Vehicle Conversion

I am new to the list. After playing Classic & Mega Traveller for many years (23+ with CT), I have just picked up a copy of Traveller T-20 and I was wanting to know if anyone has done a set of conversion rules/tables to convert CT & MT starships and vehicles into T-20 formats?

I am interested in these so I can use all of my old books for my new T-20 campaign that I am starting. I am hoping that someone has done the conversion calculations already.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Admiral Q
The CT and T20 starship design systems are (almost) identical. You should be able to take the CT ship designs, look up a few of the new reference values from the tables in the T20 book (SI values, Weapon damage) and be good to go.

The MT vehicle/starship design sequence is more complex and there is no simple conversion to T20. If you post the specific designs you have questions about someone here could produce a reasonable duplicate.
Since I just got the T-20 book, I am not interested in any specific ship or vehicle at this time. I was just curious as to how easy it would be to convert vehicles from my various CT & MT supplements for use in a T-20 game, since I hope to be able to run a Traveller campaign in the near future and I was wanting to use some of the older material from HG and MT's 101 Vehicles.

I will look at the chapter on starships, sounds like they should not be to difficult to convert. As for the vehicles, I can probably wing it as I go.

While I am on this thread, is Traveller's Aid #7 (Fighting Ships) worth getting?

Thanks for the quick replies.

Admiral Q
TA7 is definitely worth getting if you expect to do any naval actions or if you like large vessels. It's only $5, and I think it's worth it. However, if you don't think you'll have a use for those ship types, wait and focus on other vessels.

There's some good conversions on the web already, if you're interested in some of those not covered in the book.

You can also use the HG stats almost as is. The weapon batteries USP codes become the attack bonus to hit, and set the number of dice to roll for damage when you hit. You'll need to create some basic combat values such as AC, SI, etc, but the process is reasonably painless. It's not 100% compatible, but it'll be close enough for gaming purposes.

MT stats require a slightly highly level of conversion, but it's still fairly similar, seeing as how MT starship design also descended from HG.

I haven't looked at Vehicles enough to know whether 101 Vehicles might convert over readily enough, but others on the boards might be able to help you out with that one.

Hope this helps,
If you liked CT Supplement 9: Fighting Ships, or even MT Fighting Ships of the Shattered Imperium then you will enjoy TA#7. Well worth the $5 IMHO.
T20 ship design system is "High Guard Plus" in my book. :D

There are a few differences, mostly in how drives are powered. In HG all you needed was a power plant whos number equaled or exceeded the highest drive number. In T20, all drives now have an EP requirement equal to drive#*dt/100. I've noticed that one effect of this is that ships designed in HG that have just enough extra EP for full agility now have none and will have to be tweaked.

Still the T20 ship system is quick and easy to use just like HG. I can whip up fighters and small craft on the fly and larger ships in 15 miniutes. (faster with a spreadsheet!)

The vehicle system is not the same as in MT, so it will take more time to convert 101 Vehicles. There are many TAs out there that expand on the system and give excelent examples of craft. TA3 is Ground vehicles and TA6 is Grav. I think Watercraft is slated to be next and then Robots.

As for TA7, well I realy can't say anything since I was the gearhead who drew up the stats. ;)

Visit my website for some of my T20 designs. Ships, vehicles, robots, and toys. X-TEK has it all! :D
FWIW, Shadowcat just mentioned on IRC last night that he's finished his conversion of the MegaTraveller "Fighting Ships of the Shattered Imperium" supplement into T20 stats (including fixing a bunch of broken designs).

You might also check "The Fleet" forum under the General Traveller Discussions - I think a bunch of folks have done conversions of various vessels into T20 (and other formats).

And welcome!