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CT Only: Book 2, power plant fuel requirements

So, if I'm understanding this correctly:
1. When discussing CT maneuver drives in the context of CT, you cannot declare that they're "HEPLaR" because that term didn't exist when CT was written, and because the characteristics of that drive system as described in TNE (size, cost, fuel use) are not identical to those of LBB2 maneuver drives.
When the thread is tagged for a specific edition, no other editions are on topic, and may be infracted, especially if it's ticking off particupants. This complaint, however, should not have been in thread, either.
It's real simple: If the OP tags it for a specific edition, ALL OTHER EDITIONS are off topic.
Beltstrike does not mention propellant or reaction fuel at all, just "fuel".

It says, just like LBB2 and LBB5, that spacecraft use fuel to manoeuvre without specifying how.
Just like a car: It uses fuel to manoeuvre, but that does not make it rocket powered.
I am once again reminded of the differences between a Physicist and an Engineer.
The joke explaining the differences goes like this ... :rolleyes:

* ahem *

Physicist: Assume a spherical chicken of uniform density-
Engineer: HOLD IT! :mad: