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Starship combat outline

This may sound stupid and naive, but does anyone know what the actual steps for starship combat are? What steps are followed, in what order, etc? The Travellers handbook just has additions and modifications to rules in the D&D Players handbook.

Can someone outline the procedures for starship combat?

Thank you.
"Unless otherwise noted, all of the standard d20 combat rules are used in T20" p144 TTH. I believe the same applies for vehicle and ship combat.
Determine encounter distance.
Move and perform actions in initiative order, etc.
Don't forget that the T20 ship combat rules involve the PCs, it is not a tabletop game of ship vs ship although it can be easily adapted to be one.
I hope that in some future supplement (or post, hint hint) some examples of vehicle combat and ship to ship combat can be included so I can find out if I'm doing it right :confused: .
Hope this helps.
And if you don't like the T20 rules, you can always pick up the Star Wars d20 game and use the fast action space combat rules. If you don't mind being blasphemous, that is. I don't mind, myself, as figuring out vectors and things of that nature kinda bore me...

Hello Damocles.
My interpretation.
1 - At max limit of either ships sensor range try for detection (if only one ship has sensor range only one ship gets a roll).
2 - if detection works goto 3, if not continue to close one sensor range bracket until one side or the other or both detect a ship.
3 - after one side or maybe both detect, if only one side detects then only that side decides the range bracket if both sided detect the fastest ship decides the range bracket (they can close or open the range).
4 - if only one side detected then they get a free shot.
5 - combat continues until one surenders or escapes (remember that internals may slow a ship down ) just because a ship is fastest at the start of combat dosn't mean they keep the range setting for the whole combat it's decided every turn).
Firing of weapons is done by initiative order, so is maneuvering (using extra EP to dodge, jumping out or basicaly anything else).
This should work for one ship or a fleet.
Some Feats change the initiative for the ship or fleet for different things (check the HB) Tactics should change initiative for maneuvering and weapons.
Hope this helps.
sock race.