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Starport drawings wanted!!!!!

If it's detail (almost too much at times but YMMV) and info to jumpstart your ideas on starports, there's always the GT: Starports book by John M. Ford as well as the starports thread. I've got a Judges Guild (?) book on Startown that while far slimmer and older than the GT book is useful as well.

Yes the GT book at least has been mentioned at the start of the thread but I felt it worth mentioning that there are officially published books on starports for Traveller.

Originally posted by Andrew Boulton:
Kinorb isn't unique.
Jae Tellona (has a naval base, too!)

Deneb Sector:
L'sis (naval base)
Ash (scout base)

Corridor sector:
Emephdee (naval base)

They're few and far between -- maybe 1-2% of the worlds in these three sectors. And around half of them don't have an Imperial base to explain themselves... which is very very interesting indeed. Just rare enough to add a random plotline to any campaign.
but you're forgetting an important fact: the planet doesn't own and run the starport, the Imperium does.

Ah, but back in the period Larsen refers to as Ur-Traveller, this was not the case. The starport codes and capabilities pre-date the Imperium and the rest of the official setting by several years. That's at least part of the cause for inconsistency.

Loren Wiseman has said in several places that one of the models for Traveller pre-OTU was the South Pacific in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Looking at things from that angle can lead to ideas and possible explanations...