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Stargate weapon


pointless and probably short debate..

Is the jaffa staff weapon a rifle
or a shotgun in "nature"?....

i say shotgun...
It also has rifles and shotguns ;)

The question is how to model a staff weapon using Traveller.

IMHO the shotgun rules work, even though it resembles a plasma weapon...
Traveller plasma weapons do considerably more damage than a shotgun. Why someone would want to use a plasma weapon that was no better that a shotgun, I don't know.

Actually there is a real world equivalent to a plasma weapon, its called a flame thrower. Fire is a form of plasma.
"Sigh* The dude wants to bring in a different technology. Get over it.
And a flamethrower does not use plasma to cause damage, they use the flame to pump heat into a petroleum working fluid. The napalm causes damage by conduction an d convection.

The staff is a short-medium range weapon because it lacks any sights. Depending on your rules system. I would suggest shotgun or SMG range modifiers, PGMP armor modifiers, and 4-5 dice damage.
Is the jaffa staff weapon a rifle
or a shotgun in "nature"?....
Why should it be either a shotgun or a rifle?

I don't think it has a direct Traveller equivalent... it's something that shoots "laser bolts". A plasma gun is close, but the staff weapon doesn't attenuate with range (at least, it seems to be able to go far and still make big explosions in the ground if it misses ;) ) and it's a lot lighter to carry than a plasma gun too, though fairly cumbersome.

It's long range, high damage, low rate of fire, and sturdy enough to use as a melee weapon to hit people or block blows. So figure out the stats from that

(it's kinda like the Predator's plasma cannon. but less penetrating)
Also, remember that the staff weapon is as much for show as for lethality, as Col. Jack O'Neil explained to the Jaffa rebels. Taree weapons (Earth) were designed to kill efficienty. The staff weapon was designed to SCARE as much as kill. Hence, it is a single shot weapon.

I would give it Laser Carbine damage, attacks and ammo.
I copied this directly from Arduinna's Website without her permission:


Staff weapon

A long, spear-like weapon carried by Jaffa that uses an energy crystal for power and shoots a blast of very hot energy that can badly damage or kill (the blast is hot/high-energy enough that wounds can smoke or be self-cauterizing). First appear in the Stargate the movie appear in almost every episode thereafter.

The force of the blast is powerful enough to penetrate Kevlar, and the heat of the plasma is enough to superheat other bulletproof armor plating, effectively cooking the wearer.

Zat'nik'tel, zat'n'ktel ("zat" or "zat gun"):

Goa'uld weapon using a different form of energy from a staff weapon, shooting what amounts to an electrical charge. 1 shot disables/stuns with pain, 2 kills, 3 disintegrates.


The Staff Weapon is listed elsewhere as primarily a "Weapon Of Terror" in that it's not very accurate at long range, and it's close-range effects are spectacularly lethal.

IMTU it has the same effects as a laser carbine, with the range limitations of a shotgun. Also, it's energy cell has only 5D shots remaining -- the referee is required to keep track of shots. The energy cell has no equivalent in Imperial Technology.

IMTU the Zat does 2D per shot, range as pistol. It does not disintegrate. 3D shots remaing when found. The energy cell has no equivalent in Imperial Technology.

IMTU Both the Staff weapon and the Zat are Ancient artifacts that are exceptionally rare, unless there is a player that gets a little annoying.

Give a player enough power, and they'll abuse it. This tends to attract the attention of the authorities, who will either "neutralize" the player's character, or demand that the weapon be surrendured.

Authorities can be very touchy about such things...