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Star Viking Ships

I've got a project going to convert Star Viking ships (if any exist in Canon) to T20 stats. Can anyone out there assist? I dont have access to any TNE materials so I dont know if star viking ships were detailed in Canon.


There are several problems with converting Star Viking Ships (TNE designs) to T20.
Jump fuel formula is different.
TNE ships use fuel hungry HEPLAR maneuver drives instead of the reactionless gravitic drives of T20.
Power plants are very different in TNE.
The final difference is the most important IMHO, the RC Clipper (the signature Star Viking ship from TNE) is a 2000t modular ship with a spinal meson gun!
You can find my first atempt at it here .
I've changed a couple of details since ;)

What sort of help do you need? I'll help however I can.

don't forget we worked out the Victrix class sloops.

michael - best place for TNe ships is the BARD site. Its at Downport