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Star Trigger

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Hey Folks!

I was just reading through 101 Religions (superb BITS supplement if you can get your hands on one - but then they're all really great) and I ran across a religion called the Starfolk or something or other. Anyways, there's a reference to the Darrians and a 'Star Trigger'. I never looked much into the Darrians, so I really don't know what this 'Star Trigger' might be. Would anyone on the list be able to help out?


The Darrians were detailed in their own Alien Module published by GDW a long time ago. They were once a really high tech civilization but, during their prime, in -924, a star atmosphere experiment went wrong triggering massive stellar flares from Darrian Star, virtually destroying Darrian and severely cripping its colonies. The eletromagnetic pulse destroyed all eletronics and gravity modules in a three parcec radius, while communications and computing were disrupted up to six parcecs from Darrian.

Durring the CT period, the Darrians are considered TL16. The Star Trigger is a weapon capable of triggering the same effect once achieved by accident. The module describes the weapon as a empty threat but, it provides an adventure where the Darrians correct a problem rendering the Star Trigger effective.
Short form:
The Darrians (Ancients-seeded humans + Solomani immigrants) during the Long Night achieved TL 16. One of the reasons why, is that they are / were fanatically obsessive about scientific reasearch. One of those experiments was on stellar physics, and accidentally set off a sub-nova flare of massive proportion.

By the time they had recovered as star-faring folk, local space had filled up with Sword Worlders, Zho's, and this 3rd Imperium bunch. The Darrians decided it would be a good idea if they could cause solar flares on purpose instead of by accident - kind of a massive deterrence weapon. They've had a 'Star Trigger' device at their disposal for centuries now, and managed to frighten off the Zho's with it at least once (without actually deploying it).

The adventure that dealt with the Secret of the Star Trigger is a fun one, if a good ref is running it.

Joe Brown