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Space combat Climb/Dive

I noticed in the Vehicle combat for atmospheric vehicles there is a climb/dive maneuver, but no similar maneuver in space combat.

Now I realize there is no "up" in space, but it is possible to increase you "z" coordinate in relation to the center of the galaxy.

Is this an oversight?
Space combat rules in Traveller have traditionally only been in 2 dimensions, thus no need for a 'z' direction.

There are very few space games out there that use a third dimension due to the added complexity.
It also seems to me unless your space combat has more than three bodies (ships and possibly big rocks, i.e. asteroids and planets) all combat is effectively taking place in a single plane. So no real need to track a 3rd dimension for most role-playing space combat situations.

On the other hand if you get into wargaming a major fleet action things could get complicated and using all three spatial dimensions would be appropriate.