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Soldier, the movie


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Watched this movie again last night and thought yes, this is Traveller material.

BTW is there a Trinity Moon system and Arcadia system (I remember reading Arcadia somewhere in the vastness of Traveller material

The space ships might be a little to far advance for the time frame of the movie versus cannon of Traveller (the ships probably would work in the 2300 era or later). But the basic idea is still good.

This is the one with Kurt Russell as the obselete soldier, replaced by clones? Hmmn, I may have to take another look.
Not clones, recombination DNA

But Yup.
One of the best movies where the main character has less lines/words than any other support character.

GOOD movie as long as you did not think about certain things. Like they have spaceships, super soldiers but no recycling?
I would not say a world/system/setting in it self, but I would classify that movie as a great source of small tibits of things to have in new faxs, stories at the bar, or maybe even something that leads to a sceniro.

I always think of this movie as a companion piece to "Blade Runner." The Replicants in "Blade Runner" were created to work and fight in off world colonies. Maybe Russell's character is an earlier model of Replicant who is being replaced.
I found the DVD at a Half-Price Books for something like $6, and have enjoyed watching it again since the theatrical release. Okay, you have to turn off your brain a bit for some of it, as others have pointed out above.

I really enjoyed the level of character development that the film accomplished for the main character, who spoke less than 200 words over the entire length of the movie. (Before the radio chatter scene, his word count was something like 58 or 60, IIRC.)

Soldier was just a fun movie for me,
Originally posted by DaveChase:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Sigg Oddra:
Watch it again and note which battles Kurt's character took part in ;)
????? OK, but I guess it has been a long day so you are referring to?

</font>[/QUOTE]Todd fought at Tannhauser Gate and Shoulder of Orion which are battles that the bad guy (Roy) from Blade Runner recounts at the end.
Clever never noticed that one. I have it on DVD. It really didn't do that well but I liked the junk planet. Its one way to get rid of hazardous waste.

If you have a high population world with gravitics it might be a decent alternative. Re-cycling would depend on what's being recycled some materials just take more energy.

The writer also wrote the screenplay for Bladerunner (during the same period he wrote Soldier) and the production designer worked on it. There's also a replica of a spinner in the movie (Iron Maiden must still have the originals ^_^ ).

Not seen the film but after this thread and checking out the website it sounds at least worth a rental or a buy if I can find it cheap enough.

Yeah its not a bad flick imo. Comes on Network TV once in a while if you can't find it in the bargain bin at the video store.
The envinronment was interesting but the characters were weak unlike Blade Runner. Even Kurt's character didn't bring out a lot of sympathy.

The screenwriter and the director have said in interviews it was meant to be in the same universe as Blade Runner, just a few more years down the road.
It is a pretty good mine for tidbits for gaming though, and when it comes on I usually watch it, and find little things I hadn't seen before. I do think it was an interesting choice to make the Soldiers, especially Kurt Russel's character, be almost completely trained out of their humanity, to be almost automatons. That must have been difficult for him to pull off for a whole film, actors are usually emoting all over the place, not doing so would be tough.