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So whats in the book


So with the announcement on the homepage, are you saying the first T20 book (Core Rules) will be basically d20 Scifi rules but not a ton of Traveller setting data?
Well, i'm just guessing, but I'm sure it will include general Trav info (what the 3rd Imperium is, a timeline, what kind of tech is available, etc) but we'll need to wait for a sector book for the setting and world info.

On the other hand, Traveller is Traveller so any setting published in the last 25 years can be co-opted.

That's what I plan to do!
So I guess that it will be a well illustrated LLB or like the Traveller book in configration. Must say that I like this format, so long as a background data is released soon afterwards. Otherwise, we lose all those gamers who had heard of the great canvas of Traveller and then shrug their shoulders...and ask what the &**#! is this.

Be sure to give great big advertisment at the end that would lead people to buy the background data not just Traveller fanatics like us.