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sniff sniff cough cough

trader jim

SOC-14 1K
coming down with another damn cold - could be a virus!!! he he!!
:) I'm gonna hijack your static Jim and turn into a thread :)

VIRUS - what telltale signs of infection do you use?

IMTU the players encounter Virus that behaves a lot like a ghost or poltergeist, which made an interesting series of adventures. I have never let them discover (yet) if ghosts are real or not IMTU, and I'm having fun plaguing them with a more subtle strain of Virus this way. Lots of unexplained noises, hearing voices in the night, lifeform ghosts on the radar etc, on ships, in buildings ... anywhere there's an infected computer. Managed to get a nice 'Alien' feel to it :)
i can think of only one i have used recently - all
my computers know when an infected coputer is in the area. my computers do not become infected, BUT -my computers get scared and nervous - you know chicken computers. any way they get nervous and make stupid mistakes - have you ever been suited up in full computerized battle armor And the damn thing hickups?? its funny and painful!!!
or how bout your scared computer hickups and all your freshers violently back up in null gravity - now thats funny!!! especially for the players - yes scared/nervous computers can be fun!!
:eek: :eek: