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Small Vehicle Fuel

Originally posted by Andrew Boulton:
In 20 years of gaming, I don't think anyone's used anything smaller than a starship often enough to need to refuel it!
Ditto - every game I've ever ran or played in the small vehicles tended to get recharged from the ship, or refilled by tapping a few liters of L-Hyd from the ship's tanks...
If I had to BUY fuel, it would be the "refined fuel" price for L-Hyd, or about 1/5 credit per liter for hydrocarbon, more or less.
Sounds good enough for me.
so....just to run some numbers in my head...

US$3/Cr * 0.2Cr/liter = US$0.60/liter * 4 liters(approx)/gallon = US$2.40 per gallon

I can live with that...some states here in the US are already approaching that price for gasoline.
I would think that hydrocarbon fuel costs would vary widely from world to world, and even from country to country on that world (if its not an unified planetary government)

This would depend on many things, such as resource availability, tech level, commonality of hydrocarbon use, fuel taxes, etc.

Hydrocarbon fuel would be cheap on worlds which are rich in life, have large petroleum reserves, are low enough tech that hydrocarbon fuels are used commonly and there is a big hydrocarbon industry, and where the local goverment doesn't tax the hell out of fuels.

Hydrocarbon fuel would be much more expensive on lifeless worlds or worlds which have been recently seeded or terraformed, since there would be no oilfields built up from billions of years of life.

On very low tech worlds, there may be no practice of refining hydrocarbon fuels.

On high tech worlds, it may be hard to even find hydrocarbon fuels in any decent amounts. There certainly wouldn't be gasoline filling stations on every block. There is more likely to be self-service charging stations for fuel cells, micro-fusion plants and batteries. (gas or liquid hydrogen or straight electricity).

High tech worlds with large oil reserves will likely refine oil for industrial uses (synthetic rubber, plastics, industrial lubricants, oil based chemicals for manufacturing or scientific use.) It should be possible to purchase hydrocarbon fuels on these worlds from refineries or industrial chemical companies, but there still wouldn't be gas stations around.

Worlds with strict pollution laws may even outlaw hydrocarbon burning engines.

Just my thoughts...