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Slave ship


SOC-14 1K
Ship's Name: Good Times
Build Cost: MCr431.9
Design Fee: MCr4.319
Mass Production Cost: MCr392.5971
Hull: 800 tons
Jump Drive: M (jump 3)
Maneuver Drive: M (3 G)
Power Plant: M
Ship's Computer: 3 (capacity 5/9)
Ship's Accommodations: 8 staterooms,
Sick Bay: 4 tons two beds
250 emergency low berth(s),
Cargo Capacity: 22
Hardpoints: 4
Mounted Turrets: 4 triple turret(s),
Mounted Weapons: 4 beam lasers 4, missile launchers, 4 sandcasters

The Good Times is a slave trader. It uses emergency low berths to transport the “cargo”. If questioned the traders will show that the freezers are for transporting perishable goods and will provide ample paperwork to back up this claim.
Have a computer program that fakes the life-signs coming from the low berths to make them read as groats or some such animal.
Would this be an specific design or a conversion?

If you're smuggling, wouldn't you want a conversion of a standard ship rather than a custom design. And if you're not smuggling (i.e. slave trade is legal), then you certainly don't need any subterfuge.
The silhouette looks like a Broadsword but it’s not.

I am going to say that it a non military adaptation of the 800 ton Merc cruiser. That means that I don’t have to some up with totally new deck plans.

IMTU many of the standard hulls can be fitted with different drives and fittings to meet your needs. In its non slaving role the ship typically has a 1g jump 2 profile.
BTW slave trading is illegal IMTU.
If it's a conversion of a Mercenary cruiser, and IYTU everyone (notably authorities) "knows" it's a mercenenary cruiser, then it's "simple" to explain the people in the low berths as troops, or something along that line.

In fact, it could well be more difficult if you were in a Trader hull.

Basically if Low Berths aren't illegal, then why wouldn't a merc company want to leverage their shipping dollar by packing its troops in to LB's on a custom troop carrier. Saves costs, and keeps the men from going buggy on long trips.

Hey, it worked in Aliens.