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Silly topic.

OK, here's a poser for you all: For Aslan and Vargr who serve in the Imperial Army and Marines, how do they accommodate battledress/combat armor for the fact that both species have tails?

Do they tuck their tails in, add in an extra "sleeve" for it, or remove it completely?
According to AM1, the tail has questionable use as a balance aid for Aslan, though I imagine they would need to be trained in not having it free to move like someone who has an arm in a sling has to get used to not using it. Vargrs have less bone structure int he tail but are more likely to get balance from it.

I'd say the IMperium has had hundreds of years to train Vargr and Aslan MArines in using Battledress without fragile, small tail covers and maybe with a small bump to curl it in.

My Cr .02

It would be dishonourable for aslan to complain about being uncomfortable in battledress. And most Vargr prefer the scouts anyway.
The Vargr IMTU like tails... especially tails with mace-heads, stunners, etc!

And no, it wasn't my idea, my players with Vargr PCs thought of it all by their lonesomes (individually, in two seperate campaigns in two different states!)
Silly joke alert.
After an Aslan attack do you have kitty litter (as in dead bodies and destroyed buildings) lying all over the place.