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Ship's Weapons

Now I'm not sure if I've got this right but T20 seems a bit confusing when trying to determine the USP factor of a type of Starship weapon .
Example ; I have a Far Trader (USP 2) and I have mounted 2 Beam Lasers (TL 13) in a double turret .
Is the USP rating of the weapon 5 ? USP = 2 (Far Trader)+ 2 (twin beam laser in turret)+ 1(+1 TL Mod for TL13+). Please clarify! :eek:
2 Beam lasers in a double turret would be USP factor 2, Factor 3 if built on a TL 13+ world. USP's are figured the same way as they were using the High Guard rules.

I do not understand what you mean by Far Trader (USP 2). Can you clarify that?
Hey I might be getting this all wrong but here goes :confused: In T20 (pg260) is listed the Hull USP Codes (Far Trader = 2), (pg 269,270) gives descriptions of weapons and a table for damage per USP factor but doesn't explain what USP is . Also the table (pg 272) refers to USP ratings of weapons . In the glossary , (pg430) "USP:Universal Ship Profile" :confused: Now what does this all mean and why give us the USP for ships if it is not used for determining other factors. :(
Looks to me that this hull code table is a port from High Guard. And you are right, there realy isn't any bearing on T20 stats.

The USP was a line of code very much like the UPP for planets. Each digit represented a different aspect of the ship like hull size, jump rating, computer etc... This was to make things easier to write down and remeber in the ol' days. Some of us grognards can still read the HG ship USP's like a love story. ;)
Thanks Heaps ! That seems to have cleared up the problem