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Ship's Quirks & Flaws

Excellent idea for some work....And I have time on me hands...Lemme see if I can work something up, ala what they have in ADnD fer magic items--save here,
we use the regions of a ship (elec/ Cargo Hold/ hatches/ airlocks/ Life support/ turrets/ computers/ contr grav/ thrusters/ man & Jay drives/ fuel tankage/ plumbing-other (freshers/ galley), To include the interior/ exterior look/ paint job; etc. Avionics/ sensors/ maintenqnce hatches/ accessways.
and make it a percentile roll chart.
Minor quirks/ Major quirks/hazards.

That way a GM can "customize" a ship individually, or by her class. I'll get on it this week Blu Wolf...

heretically yours... ;)