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Ships of the French Arm


When reading through SotFA it's often hard to determine certain facts about the designs, such as what the displacement, hull material or spin type (if it has any) might be. This is not a problem for wargaming, but not very useful for roleplaying or deck plan design. The original design notes for this book are probably long lost, but has anyone tried reverse-engineering any of the ships therein in order to determine such details as these?
Anything, really. I was particularly interested in the BC-4, which I had a go at myself but couldn't quite work out (the hull hits seemed very wrong, and the speed dodgy). I am also interested in the Ypres, but I see that that's just been done on the Etranger list. It's not clear if it has a spin habitat of any sort, though.
Aye, I just posted it to Etranger, and the original was whacky. I finally figured out the listed mass was actually loaded mass. Someone wanted to cripple her I guess.

She doesn't have spin, but has very large staterooms bringing her comfort up to +1. The Hamburg and Sacshen are non-spin too.

BC-4 has a 0.5MW OC drive. Her hull hits are low because it's just the hull, not the capsules, and the hits are MV/4, as she's unarmoured.
Thanks, Bryn. I wondered if capsules vs. hull was the reason for the low hits on the BC-4, but was not sure.

Will you be doing anything interesting in Oxford?