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Ship's Computer?


Sorry to bother everyone, but as a new player, I have absolutly no idea what I'm doing. It would be a great help if someone would kindly run through the process of creating a working ships computer; from all I've heard on this forum, this is the issue that creates the most problems for everyone. How do you determine the PP's free for Jump programs and the like? The table on page 263 says that a standard Model 1 computer has only 5 free CPU, putting its total PP's at 3 (according to page 224). How the heck does this system work? If someone would explain it, in small words, as if speaking to a brain-damaged child, I would be eternally gratefull. :confused:
Ignore that whole section. COmpletely.

The easiest way to get a normal ship's computer is on pages 263 and 264.

Pick the basic model (the table at the top of 263 shows you what jump drive, avionics, etc each computer can handle).

Pick the avionics you want (minimum depends upon ship's tonnage).

Pick the Sensors and Comms you want.

Add up the Cost Factors from the Avionics, the Sensors and the Comms. Multiply it by the main computer Model Number. That is the cost.

Add up the sizes from all four bits.


This method of computer creates one that will ahndle all the jump rpograms and stuff with some CP left over (listed in the table on 263).

The other system is very complex, and for anormal ship's computer it isn't needed at all. Page 282 shows the pre-gened computers in more detail if you are real yinterested, but you probably won't need those rules. I've never even looked at them, and I've been in a design frenzy this last week.

Hope this helps,

Thanks, man. I forsee passing over a substantial part of that chapter...anyway, how would you apply the various software packages such as Anti-Hijack, etc.? I'm leaning toward axeing the whole section; any ship worth its He3 probably has embedded gunner interact and jump programs anyway. Darn this book for making me think...
Axe the lot -

For old "unique" ships, I give each of the programs their own mod (so the targetting program in the PC's ship is very poor - they failed the diagnostics roll, and won;t find out until it's used in anger)

For "modern" stuff, I just assume it has everything it is likely to have.
Well, I'm glad to see I'm not the only person who is HOPELESSLY confused by the computer generation rules. The fact that the examples given are wrong doesn't help, either.
Hello Rambler,

First, the examples for the computer design sequence are not wrong if you use the text writeup instead of the table. I have taken the time to use the table information and compare the results with the results from the text material from which the examples were taken. Changing the numbers to the ones in the table only changes the numbers not how the numbers are derived.

Next, having "standard models" is okay just like have standard hull sizes is for the game in general. However, I like to be able to change more than just the internal components when I design a ship, vehicle, or other type of Traveller hardware.

Further, every Traveller design sequence, from character generation to hardware design, has a certain amount of complexity. This complexity varies from Traveller version (Classic, Mega, The New Era, GURPS, & T20). I think I have figured out how the computer design sequence works, though there are somethings that I disagree with or feel was not covered in the text. Here are two examples:

1. Miniaturization and Standardization Rules under the Advanced rules states that the designer cannot use both rules on the design process. I have proposed a slight change in that both rules can be applied during the same design phase. My reason is that component miniaturization could be a standardized proceedure, similar today's manufacturing process.

2. In the example for Standardization there is an increase in CPU Output by the difference of min TL and the TL the computer is built at. This method I figured out by looking at the data from the table.

Finally, I am glad that the computer design sequence is included, even though I cannot exactly duplicate a standard computer design, but I have not been able to exactly duplicate the ship/vehicle designs using the systems in the other Traveller design systems either.