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SE Arizona Traveller players

I'm looking for anyone in SE Az who is or may be interested in Traveller. I've played since 1985, but have been out of the loop for over 8 years, not being able to find many folks who like role playing the way the Gods intended.... face to face, without electronics.
Then speak out!!!
Originally posted by bairdec:
Oooh.... I am, but I'm getting ready to reenlist, so I won't be in Tucson much longer.
Moving out of DM, then, I take it? Where's your next post, if I may ask?
From one vet to another, thanks for being there.
So, which flavor?

(only played classic. got out and sold off almost a compleate stet of suplements, several issues of the journal, etc.)

What would I need to reaquire to get back in the game?

NW side, Ina and Thorneydale. Schedual is a little flaky, but let me know.

I am a little rusty. Only been in 3rd ed D&D (I guess the basis of the d20 system,) for several years, but really want back into sci-fi.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Mr Tek

Jim R
I used to be in Phoenix, but Dallas is a bit of a hike...

And Mr. Tek, you wouldn't need much to get back in the game. Probably just a couple of days re-acquainting yourself with the CT rules.

If you'd like a taste of the updated, modernized Traveller chargen, then the direct descendant of CT has free playtest material, including chargen and task rules. Alas, no combat nor starship rules, but chargen is half the game...

"Playtest Files"

Bring your own d6's.