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Scaling Damage.........

Hey all, this may have been covered before but I cant find it. When reducing dice for scaling between life form and vehicle etc. do you remove the dice before you roll damage or after thus removing the lowest dice first? Do you treat it the way you reduce dice for AR or just drop the number of dice rolled?
When scaling, I believes you subtract dice first, before rolling. But you will always do at least 1 die of damage, then reduced by AR.

Also, p149 says reduce damage by 5 dice before applying any reductions for armor.
So if you have a weapon that does less than 5 dice worth of damage than you only roll 1 dice and then reduce for AR when shooting a man portable weapon like a ACR against a vehicle, this make sense and would be the way I would do it but want to make sure.
There is a distinct probability difference between "rolling and subtracting" and "subtracting and rolling".

Because there is no stated difference of procedure when attacking between scales, I would tend to roll all the appropriate dice and THEN subtract. There are more chances of coming up with a final die that will do damage with this method than boiling it down to "roll one d12 and subtract 10."

Note that you can provide a particular slant to your game by varying how you do this. Want your vehicles just a little tougher in general? Do "subtract then roll." Want them a bit more fragile? Roll the subtract. Want the "PC" effect? Vary your order based on who is firing...
Because medium lasers shooting other vehicles do 1d10 rather than 6d10-(5scalingdice) I would tend to base things on the firers weapon -

I like rolling fewer dice (as a general rule) - also it increases the dispersion (as the previous poster noted) which I think is a good thing.