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Robot Construction


We were working with the robot construction rules this weekend. The crew has more money than sense now so the pilot (a lonely man who has been spurned by the female captain and the female medic aboard) decided to take advantage of the stop over at the TL15 world and buy a... companion.

Does this look right to you guys who have much more familiarity than I with the vehicle/robot construction rules?


TL 15 Humaniform Robot 509.368kCr + 98kCr in software

STR - 8
DEX - ?
CON - ?
INT - 10
WIS - ?
CHA - 10
EDU - 2
SOC - ?

Medium Chassis 100cr

M2 Robotic Brain - 2.16 EP 32.4vl 30kCr

Legs - 1 EP 42vl 4500cr

Arms - 8 Strength 15 Dex 1.6 EP 4vl 1600cr

Holovisual - .08 EP 1.2vl 2000cr

Voder - .03 EP .5vl 1200cr

2 Way Radio - .2EP .1vl 7500cr

Auditory Sensor - .01 EP .2vl 200cr

Olfactory Sensor - .05 EP .5vl 1500cr

Tactile Sensor x5 - 1 EP 5vl 15000cr (5 as our best guess for tactile sensors in each limb plus torso?)

EP/Hour usage - 6.13

Energy - Advanced Battery x141 141 EP 1.41vl 71cr

90.08vl total (-10% of nominal human size)

Operates 23 hours before needing a 14 minute recharge


M2 Robotic Brain 35/12

High Autonomous Logic - 15PP 25kCr

Full Verbal Command - 10PP 5kCr

Valet - 2PP 3kCr

Personality Interface - +6 Charisma 3PP 30kCr

Normal Skills - Can run one at a time
Entertain Dance 5 5kCr
Entertain Sing 5 5kCr
Entertain Courtesan 5 5kCr
Entertain (pick a musical instrument) 5 5kCr
Liason 5 5kCr
Ride Horse 5 5kCr
Swim 5 5kCr
Without my book in front of me, I can't say for certain, but it looks like it's on the right track, at least in brief overview.

More details later, when I can check the numbers,