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A Controversial Character?

Morgan Harkness

SHDC Life Emulation Construct (Experimental Prototype)

Class: LEC
Cost: Cr 6,861,016
TL: 15
Size: Medium
Streamlining: No
Pressurized? NO Climate Control? NO
Drive Train: Legs
Passengers: None
Cargo Space: None
Range: 5 Weeks
Speed: 14kph
Acceleration: 1.4kph
EP Output: 20
Agility: 7
Initiative: +7
AC: 19
AR: 2
SI: 25
Visual: Holographic
Crew: None
Sensors: Olfactory, Auditory, Tactile
Fuel: 46.815vl
Comm: Voder
Other Equipment: SECAE Robotic Brain (see Below)

SHDC Life Emulation Construct
(Experimental Prototype)

Humaniform Chassis
+150/150/X8 final cost .15/kph1.5 av
Armor 3 3027 AR 2
Legs DT 63 6750 1.5 14kph
Adv. Fusion Power 30 6600 +20
Fuel 46.815
Arm 7.5 22500 1.5 Str 15 Dex 15
Arm 7.5 22500 1.5 Str 15 Dex 15
Holovisual 3 30000 1.6 1600m
Voder .5 1200 .03
2 audio sensors .4 400 .02 50m
Olfactory .5 1500 .05 1km
Tactile 1 3000 .2
SECAE 9.585 305000 .63
Synaptic Emulative Control Assembly, Experimental (SECAE)
Item VL Cr EP PP Note Note
Adv. Synaptic 9.45 7000 .63 Int 3
Low Artificial 80000 20 Int +6 Dex +6
Full Verbal Command 5000 10 Int +2
1000000xp Holo .135 50000
Library Data 3000 1
Liason 8000 8
Move Silently 8000 8
T/Computer 8000 8
Pilot Grav 8000 8
Swim 8000 8
Jump 8000 8
Spot 8000 8
Search 8000 8
Sense Motive 8000 8
Climb 8000 8
Gambling 8000 8
Broker 8000 8
Bluff 8000 8
Weapon Systems 4000 1
Aslan L Module 1000 5
Master 5000 5
Zhodani L Module 1000 5
Vilani L Module 1000 5
P/Admininstraton 8000 8
Trader 8000 8
Gather Information 8000 8
K/interstellar Law 8000 8
Appraise 8000 8
Personality Interface 50000 5 Cha 10
Protocol 500000 4 Soc 10 Edu: 13

Mr. Morgan Harkness

The machine known as Morgan Harkness was constructed in 1080 as an experimental concept robot. The initial implementation of the program was to create robotic duplicates of the State Family for use in areas of compromised security. It is unknown if this plan came to any merit.
Morgan Harkness serves as Sidur Haski’s Trade Advisor, and has occupied the post since 1085. Its primary role is that of a speculator of potential Trade Contracts and Resources. Its high degree of refined programming serves well in this capacity, and it has a formidable grasp on inter- system macroeconomics. The true nature of Mr. Harkness is one of Sidur Haski’s most classified state secrets. The general population views it as a valued and good-natured (though somewhat solitary) member of Sidur Haskian society, unaware that it is a machine. The success of this subterfuge reflects the sophistication of its programming. Harkness by all accounts is polite, direct, articulate, and quite humorous at times. It has even organized several State Functions entertaining outworld trade prospects.

Sir, The report on the Morgan model robot/android is on your desk, its very interesting, and will be extreamly useful in militay black OPS, but there is a Major flaw in it.....Its honest!!!!...
cant lie, cheat or steal. :eek: :eek:
I am a bit confused about your Excellency's android. Wouldn't a type A9 robot brain only have 20PP total? A low AI logic program(@20PP) would take up all of the available space leaving nothing for the Full verbal or any skill programs.

Also from what I understand artifical intellegence doesn't need skill programs, only the XP data storage (Although a pre-programmed head start doesn't hurt). They gain levels like a sophont and skills as per the class they persue.
There may indeed be bugs with Morgan, which is why it is posted for rumination... I had the notion that Morgan would use a sort of situational program routine, a sort of programming switchbox for a given situation. I may redesign the current design to accommodate a more effective brain (volume is the problem). It poses the question of wether or not a computer of any size could store programs beyond its functional and applicable PP, as long as it stuck to the limit of how much PP it could employ.

The book states that AIs can be programmed prior to activation, then from then on out, it earns exp (at half rate for a low AI like Morgan.)

Oh, the robot's picture is at the link below, what?